When the roll is called up yonder

“The Sealing of the Saints” Revelation 7


The Book of Revelation is more a symphony than a story.

 The 144,000 are spiritual Israel. (Or maybe Jews saved during the Great Tribulation)

• Ephraim and Dan are omitted for apostacy.

• The church is often considered spiritual Israel. Our final home is the New Jerusalem.

• They are joined by a multitude from all nations.

 The seal protects the saints from spiritual, not physical harm; from the wrath of the Lamb but not the wrath of Satan.

• We are sealed by the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 4:30

• The martyrs get theirs early but we all get a robe.

 Who would use blood for detergent?

• Soon we will take off the armor and put on the robe.

• This is only the commencement service.

• The motivation for personal holiness and Christian service is joy, not duty or guilt.