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I Want to be a Pillar

“I want to be a Pillar” Revelation 3:8-13, Philadelphia

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 The Gospel tends to disenfranchise those who obey it.



 Institutions that oppose the gospel are demonic facades.



 Only Jesus offers real and permanent belonging.

• He will protect us from the hour of testing.



• He holds the key to an unshuttable door of David’s Kingdom.


• He will make us a pillar in God’s Kingdom.



Hold fast what you have.


Wake Up!!

“Wake Up!!” Revelation 3:1-7, Sardis

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What was it like to sit in church in Sardis and hear John’s letter report the Lord’s assessment of their church?


Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard;
obey it, and repent. Revelation 3:3


We receive the message in the Scriptures.

The gospel message is to be obeyed.


 The hard questions Jesus asks:

• What is our church doing to advance the gospel?


• What am I doing to practice the gospel?


 Spiritual problems need spiritual solutions.


• Repentance is a way of life for the believer.


• If we are struggling, that’s good. It means we’re not dead.



Jesus, God of Vengeance

“Jesus, God of Vengeance” Revelation 2:12-17,  Thyatira

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september 17


 When leaders fail to confront sin, the cancer spreads.


• Why do churches tolerate Jezebel?


• Jesus will have a pure church.


 Some people don’t want to repent.


• Jezebel offers a physical solution to a spiritual problem.


• Ahab’s queen corrupted the worship of Israel.


 Jesus will discipline his church and crush the wicked.


• Vengeance is a Messianic expectation.


• The overcomer will reign with Christ.




“Hidden Manna and Forbidden Pleasure” Revelation 2:12-17, Pergamum

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What’s wrong with pork-on-a-stick? Four Scenarios:

• Would you eat? Y N

• Would you attend? Y N

• Would you move in? Y N

• Would you leave? Y N

The Wisdom of godliness:

 It’s not necessary to satisfy every appetite.

• God created our appetites

• The pleasures of life were never meant to replace God.

• We can say “no”

 There is always a third alternative.

• Never choose between to wrong answers.

• We rely on God by design.

 Our choices matter

• Christians don’t follow the crowd, they follow Jesus.

• Our God-relationship will define how we treat everyone else.

Don’t Waste Your Life

“Smyrna: Don’t waste your life” Revelation 2:8-11

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Christians in Smyrna were about to suffer because the ________
of their faith threatened the culture of their town:

• Converted Jews were leaving the ____________.

• Believers would not worship the ___________.

The test for believers in America today is

not _________ for Jesus, but _________ for him.

 Secular culture is still ___________ towards the gospel.

 We are ____________ rich.

 The _________ for faithfulness is incorruptible life.

Right Thinking, Right Affections

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The Revelation 2:1-7


• Description of Christ: Holds the 7 stars and walks among the lampstands

• Encouragement: You have persevered.

• Correction: You have left your first love.

• Promise to overcomer: Access to the tree of life

 All it takes to finish the race is to just keep going.

 It’s not more important to be right than to be kind.

 God hates the deeds of the Nicolaitans

 We may ignore Jesus at our own peril.

Jesus Among the Lampstand

The Revelation 1:9-20

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The command to write (9-11)

The vision of the glorified Christ (12-16)

The words of Jesus (17-20)

I. A vision of Christ in glory will give us stamina to endure.

A. Jesus expects something of us.

B. We see Jesus but others only see his glory reflected in us.

C. Defending the church against the encroachment of the world is a losing strategy.

II. A vision of Christ in glory will rescue us from the quagmire of human opinion.

A. What Jesus thinks of us matters most.

B. It takes courage and wisdom to speak the truth in love.

August 2017

• Elder Meeting Monday 8/28 at 6PM
• PickleFest parade after church today.
• Heart and Hand Quilt Guild will be displaying at the Library.
• Family Night orientation for all leaders September 10th. We have many new ideas to talk about. Lunch provided.
• Family Night starts September 13th!

From God with Love

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Revelation 1:4-8

How shall we be free from the invisible shackles of our own depravity?

I. The Book of Revelation was written to local churches mostly in small towns.

A. Jesus knows where we live.

B. Jesus is trimming the wicks.

II. The Book of Revelation comes to us from the triune eternal God.

C. Father: is, was, is to come

D. Spirit: Seven – fold

E. Jesus the Son

1. The Faithful Witness

2. The Firstborn from the dead

3. The Ruler of the kings of the earth

III. Doxology: God’s love…

A. Frees us from our sins by his blood.

B. Makes us a priestly kingdom

A calm assurance of God’s love frees us from our dysfunctional patterns of thinking and living.

Why Revelation

“Why Revelation?” Revelation 1:1-3

 Jesus is coming soon!

• In what sense is this true?

• The return of Christ is immanent.

• “Scoffers will come” 2 Peter 3:3-4, 8-9

 The Book of Revelation was relevant in John’s day and it remains relevant for us today.

• For the first 300 years of church history it was considered unpatriotic and even treasonous to be a Christian.

• The greatest danger for Christians in America is apathy.

 Revelation is a summons to holiness.