“Cherish” by Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas was the speaker at the Fall District Conference of the EFCA.  This a summary of some highlights of three sessions in which he spoke to the conference.

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 Love is the bread of relationship (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

 Cherish is the jam of relationship (Canticles 4:10)

 The Only One (Canticles 6:8-9)

 Every spouse has certain bothersome tendencies. (James 3:2; Proverbs 19:11)

 Taking Bids






The Unity Factor

by Larry W. Osborne, 4th edition 2006

Part One : Structure

Chapter One, “The Missing Ingredient”

Chapter Two, “Removing the Roadblocks”

Chapter Three, “Guarding the Gate”

Chapter Four, “Developing Three Key Traits in your Board”

Chapter Five, “Clarifying the Pastor’s Role”


Part Two : Training

Chapter Six, “Equipping the Saints to Lead”

Chapter Seven, “The Shepherding Meeting”

Chapter Eight, “What does the board need to know?”

Chapter Nine, “What else does the board needs to know?”

Part Three: Communication

Chapter Ten, “Change Diplomacy”

Chapter 13, “What game are we playing?”


Boundaries in Marriage Chapter 4

This is a reading from Boundaries in Marriage by John Townsend and Henry Cloud (Zondervan 1999) chapter four.  I highly recommend listening and/or purchasing the book for all married couples, especially newlyweds.  The subject of this chapter is based on the previous chapters but is understandable on it’s own.  It is about the importance of being two people  before becoming one and importance of respecting mutual freedom and responsibility in marriage.  Click on the links below to listen.


Boundaries in Marriage,Chapter 4 part 1

Boundaries in Marriage, Chapter 4 part 2