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Happily Ever After…

Revelation 21

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I. The New Jerusalem is a real place.

A. It can be measured.

B. It is not unlike our world without the curse.

C. The Tree of Life sustains glorified physical life.

II. The Kingdom of God has walls.

A. Walls keep out danger.

B. Walls protect intimacy.

C. Walls take time to build.

III. The Gospel of John and Revelation have the same message.

A. Christ is preparing a place for us to be with him.

B. Personal relationship with Jesus is the only way to get there.

C. Prayer is a pathway, not a shortcut.

Encouraging Truth

Revelation 20

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The Book of Revelation answers the question _______ _______?

I. Encouraging Truth # 1: Christ is reigning over his creation today.

A. Two views of the Millennium by born-again, Bible-reading Christians.

1. Pre-millennialism: The Millennium is a _________ event

2. Amillennialism: The Millennium is a ___________ reign

B. Kingdom strategy is to call the world to __________ and to prepare his Bride.

II. Encouraging Truth # 2: Evil will be finally and ___________ destroyed.

A. The Battle of Armageddon won’t last _______ minutes.

B. Hell is eternal spiritual torment and __________ from God.

III. Encouraging Truth # 3: God’s judgement will be ________.

A. Everyone will be judged by what they have done.

B. No one will be rescued except by the grace of God.

Is your name in the book?

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Revelation 19

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Praises in Heaven

Hallelujah means _______________________________________

In every battle, there is a _____________ and a ________________

The 4 Living creatures are :

1. ________________________
2. ________________________
3. ________________________
4. ________________________

Marriage Supper of the Lamb

I am giving GOD ________ ________ ________ in ______¬¬¬¬¬¬_________.

Church is so much ________ because it is ________ us for the ________ ahead.

How many _______ are you __________ to the Marriage of the Lamb?

The Glorious Appearance

When we ________________ we are proclaiming ________________

Judgement on Earth

Judgement is the ________________ Of ________________

Call to Action

This week, I will talk to ________________ about ________________.

Fall of Babylon

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Revelation 18

1. Why is Babylon referred to as female?

2. Is Babylon a real city or is she a figure of worldliness? Today or future?

3. Should we mourn for the city?

4. Will I lose my salvation if I deny Christ?

Mother of Harlots

Revelation 17

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Governments that do not submit to the reign of God commit

spiritual adultery and become oppressive.


1) What is the “mystery” on the woman’s forehead.

2) What are the seven heads and 10 horns?

3) Who is the beast who once was, now is not, and will come out of the abyss to go to his destruction? (verse 8)

4) Where is this book of life and why doesn’t God just write everyone’s name in it?

5) Do you think the false prophet will be from a denomination we know today?

6) Does God’s punishment overlap Satan’s vengeance?

The Seven Last Plagues

Revelation 15-16


1) Why must God’s wrath be completed? (cp. Romans 1:18)

2) Why do the saints sing praise when God’s wrath is complete?

3) How are the 12 plagues of Egypt and the 7 last plagues in Revelation the same?

4) Why do some people refuse to repent?

5) What do chapters 15 & 16 teach us about God?

6) Does God grade on a curve? What does God require of us?

7) Why does God need 12 plagues or 7 plagues? Shouldn’t one be enough?

8) What does Jesus want us to take away from this vision? (verse 15)

We are a family friendly church. Crying babies and fidgety children don’t bother us at all. They are a delight! Crayons, books, and toys are available for parents to use on the blue tree and back table.

Faith is the Victory

Revelation 14

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Revelation is a call to persevere.

 Persevering saints have a glorious destiny as the Bride of Christ.

 To reject Christ is to choose a destiny away from God’s presence.

• Angel 1:

• Angel 2:

• Angel 3:

• Angels 4 & 5:

• Angels 6 & 7:

 “Blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on.”

The Wrath of Satan

Revelation 13

Click on link to hear audio: 12-31-17

Three Ways to read Revelation 12

• Past:

• Present:

• Future:

What does the symbolism refer to?

• The beast from the sea:

• The beast from the land:

• The horns and crowns:

• The mark of the beast:

• The number 666:

Apart from Christian influence…

 …human government will be animated by Satan and…

 …secular philosophy will suppress the truth about God.

 Satan’s war against humanity is primarily a religious war.

Joy to the World

Luke 1:46-55

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 Joy is meant to be shared.

• She saw herself part of something bigger.

• It’s hard to enjoy God’s blessings alone.

 Joy moves faith from head to heart.

• Mary’s thoughts were steeped in the Psalms.

• The God of the Bible is our God today.

 Joy is in the serving.

• Mary saw herself a servant in a nation of servants.

• We were created and called to serve.

 Present joy is only a taste of full joy to come.

• Mary’s hopes are stated in the past tense.

• Hope creates joy now.

Mary invites us to participate in her joy.

Embassy in Jerusalem?

Revelation 12

Click on link to hear audio: 12-17-17

What does this chapter say?

“The woman clothed with the sun” is attacked by Satan but protected by God.

Defeated by Michael, Satan takes out his anger on the world.

What does this chapter mean?

 The bride of Christ is under attack by Satan but protected by God.

• Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt to escape Herod.

• The Church is safe because it is scattered.

• The accuser doesn’t have a case since the cross.

 We engage the enemy whenever we practice our faith.

• This is a timeless vision of the spiritual battle.

• We overcome the world by means of Christ’s blood and our testimony.

• Read this chapter with Ephesians 6