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This is where you can find sermon audio and outlines from past Sundays.

  • How may one become wise? Play in new window | DownloadI Kings 3 A brief introduction to Wisdom in the Bible: What is more valuable than wisdom? Solomon asked for wisdom instead of wealth or power. God is pleased with Solomon’s request. How may we acquire God’s wisdom? God’s wisdom is learned on-the-job by faith. God’s wisdom is both right and kind.

  • The Good Shepherd Play in new window | DownloadPsalm 23 We are satisfied when we follow our Shepherd Contentment with our daily needs is enough. “Shepherd” is a royal title with authority. The Good Shepherd is with us through trouble. There are dark valleys between the green pastures. The Shepherd gives joy in adversity. The Good Shepherd will lead us home. We can expect blessing in this life. The best is yet to come.

  • A sinner receives forgiveness Play in new window | Download2 Samuel 11, Psalm 51 Good people can do wrong things. 2 Sam 11:1-5 David was captured by sin . No one told David he was wrong. Concealed sin does collateral damage. 2 Sam 11:8-17 David tried to cover up with more evil. David willfully transgressed God’s law. Everyone must repent. Psalm 52:1-5 David finally came clean and repented David’s repentance restored fellowship with God.

  • Kindness Play in new window | Download2 Samuel 9:1-13 I.     Kindness makes promises   A.    To keep a promise we must make one first.  B.    A promise changes the relationship. II.     Kindness treats people better than they deserve.  A.   Kindness is the opposite of revenge. B.    Kindness to our enemies works. God has extended kindness to His people, and through Christ we enjoy a seat at His table.

  • The servant king is promised a kingdom forever Play in new window | Download2 Samuel 7 Our natural inclination is to fulfill our own wants and desires; however, God promises us love, peace and a permanent place in His kingdom when we are in service to Him. David sees himself as a servant, he wants to build a temple out of gratitude & worship for what God has already done, not to elevate himself in some way, but to serve and honor…