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God chooses a Bride

Posted by Stephen on  October 13, 2019

Category: Weekly Message Play in new window | Download Book of Hosea The Gospel creates an intimate relationship with Christ that is like marriage. God calls a rebellious bride. (1:2-10) Why did God tell Hosea to marry a prostitute? Human nature is prone to unfaithfulness. . God redeems his bride from bondage. (3:1-5) God told Hosea to redeem his bride from the slave market. . All God’s people were redeemed at the cross. . God calls us

Runaway Prophet

Posted by Stephen on  October 4, 2019

Category: Weekly Message Play in new window | Download Book of Jonah If we are to realize our mission to make disciples we must have compassion on people who don’t yet know God and believe that they can be saved through the Gospel of Christ Jesus.   God pursues rebellious people and prophets.The Ninevites were rebellious. Jonah was also rebellious.  .  God extends mercy to rebellious people and prophets.  Nineveh repented and got another 100 years.   . Jonah repented

How to Love our Enemy

Posted by Stephen on  September 29, 2019

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Category: Weekly Message Play in new window | Download 1 Kings 8:8-23 “But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven.”  Matthew 5:43-44   Set Boundaries  (6:8-16)Elisha frustrates Ben-Hadad’s plans to ambush Joram.  Don’t let an enemy make us miserable.  When possible, give insight. (6:17-20)Elisha’s prayers grant both vision and blindness. . Know when to answer an enemy.  Show

Catch the Mantle!

Posted by Stephen on  September 22, 2019

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Category: Weekly Message
1 Kings 19:19-22; 2 Kings 2:6-15 We need the power of the Holy Spirit to follow our Lord Jesus Christ and do God’s the Father’s will. Spiritual power is passed on generationally. Elijah mentored Elisha for several years. We too have received faith from others. We can pass our faith on to others. Spiritual power is received from God. Elisha wanted to be there when it happened . The Spirit of God abides in all

Showdown at Carmel

Posted by Stephen on  September 15, 2019

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Category: Weekly Message Play in new window | Download 1 Kings 18-19 I.         Don’t ever count God out.   (18:31-39) A.    “The people said…” B.    Elijah prayed for God’s glory and for revival.  II. Leave the results to God. (19:5-8) A.    Israel did not repent.  B.    Faith needs no proof.   III. Know that God has a plan.  (19:15-18)   A.    God’s good plan will never fail.    B.    God is