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Subversive Parables of God’s Kingdom

Posted by Stephen on  September 13, 2020
Category: Weekly Message
Matthew 13 How God subversively rules his kingdom today:      The Sower:  By the preaching of the word of God.  The preaching of the Gospel is the only means by which God is at work in the world.  Fruitfulness always accompanies spiritual vitality.  The mustard plant and the lump of dough:  By gradually transforming culture.  In just thirty years, the Apostles carried the gospel to every major city and many small towns throughout the Roman

A Glimpse of Glory

Posted by Stephen on  September 6, 2020
Category: Weekly Message
Matthew 17:1-13 “a spectacle of outward beauty as a visible sign of God’s moral perfection” A.H. McNeile ISBE 2:480One day all who long for the appearing of Jesus will be glorified, but for now, we wait.I. Glory is closer than we think. A. Jesus took them up the mountain because he wanted their companionship. B. Jesus took them up the mountain because they need to see the big picture. II. Grace is glory stooping. A.

Omnipotent Love

Posted by Stephen on  August 30, 2020
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Category: Weekly Message
Matthew 14:22-33 I. Immediately, Jesus made his disciples get into the boat. A. Jesus is praying. B. Disciples are rowing. II. Immediately, Jesus spoke to them. A. Peter says, “command me” B. Jesus says, “come” III. Immediately, Jesus stretched out his hand. A. Jesus rebukes. B. Disciples worship.In a fishing boat in the middle of Galilee the disciples knelt in worship not because Jesus walked on water but because he walked through a stormy gale

“Jesus is the Bread of Life: He is Enough”

Posted by Stephen on  August 19, 2020
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Category: Weekly Message
John Chapter 6 1) God provides all our needs; physically and spiritually (John 6:1-15).Jesus nourished His soul through prayer, He believed with all His being that His Father provided His needs; We must believe too. a) Leading His followers is a daunting task for Jesus (V. 1-7). b) How can God make 5 pancakes and 2 fish enough to feed 5k? (V. 8-11). c) Give thanks to God, our blessings are not deserved (V. 12-15).

Jesus still casts out demons

Posted by Stephen on  August 16, 2020
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Category: Weekly Message
Luke 8:22-39 Resist the devil and he will flee from you. James 4:7I. Evil unrestrained has terrible consequences for human suffering. A. This gentile territory had little influence for righteousness. B. Evil is restrained in culture by the witness of Christian people. C. But when society calls evil good, things get worse. Unrestrained evil has terrible consequences for human suffering. II. They asked Jesus to leave but he asked the healed demoniac to stay. A. People

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