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Are you being deceived?

Posted by Stephen on  February 28, 2021
Category: Weekly Message
2 Corinthians 11 I. Ask, “Where stands it written?”In the Free church all believers are responsible to know the Bible and ask questions.A. There is only one Apostolic testimony. B. If it contradicts the Bible it’s not true. II. Examine the motives of the messenger. A. The Greeks in Corinth valued eloquent rhetoric over substance. B. Paul worked as a tentmaker not taking any money from the church. III. Identify the real enemy of our

Become who you meant to be and don’t look back

Posted by Stephen on  February 21, 2021
Category: Weekly Message
Colossians 3:1-17. Unit 30 Session 3 I. Set your mind on things above. (Col 3:1-4) A. If Christ is your King, seek Him. B. Our sins were put to death, be raised with Him in Glory Gal 2:20. II. Put off the old man. (Col 3:5-9) A. Disobedience to death. B. Actions were once thoughts, change them. III. Put on the new man. (Col 3:10-17) A. Children of God, serve and love one another. B.

The Conversion of Saul

Posted by Stephen on  February 14, 2021
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Category: Weekly Message
Acts 9 I. Grace is not a bully. (7:58, 8:1, 9:1-9) A. Even if Saul were right, he’s still wrong. B. Jesus graciously arrested Saul. II. Grace believes anyone can change. (9:10-19) A. Ananias was listening for God. B. Ananias calls him “brother Saul”. III. Grace re-purposes broken people. (9:20-30) A. Saul became the Apostle to the Gentiles. B. God chose the least like person. Do you need to receive God’s grace? Do you need

Philip the Evangelist Midwife

Posted by Stephen on  February 7, 2021
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Category: Weekly Message
Acts 8:26-30 Salvation is always God’s work and God is always saving people. This story shows us how God was saving people in the first century and how he continues to work today. I. God Sends a Witness (26-29) II. God has Given us his Word (30-35) III. God invites us Personally (36-40) God sent an angel to send a deacon evangelist to send a eunuch to take the gospel back to his own people.

Paul’s Letter to the church in Rome

Posted by Stephen on  January 31, 2021
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Category: Weekly Message
Intro: The Gospel is the solution to all human suffering. 1:16 I. Humanity can’t solve its own problems. (1-3) A. Even good people fail to keep God’s law. 2:21B. All humanity is guilty before God. 3:23 II. God has always been creating a way for people to become righteous by faith. (4-8) A. People have always been made righteous by faith. 4:3B. Jesus did for us what we never could do ourselves. 5:8C. Trading places

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