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Contend for the Faith!

Posted by Stephen on  August 1, 2021
Category: Weekly Message
The Book of Jude  Three examples of crept-in invaders.   Unbelievers among the _________ who left Egypt.Some __________ rebelled against God Sodomites defiled the land of promise.   Three sins of false teachers.   They ___________ up their own truth.  They surrender to sensual desires.  They don’t submit to _____________.     Eight complaints about false teachers:   10 – 16   Enoch’s lost prophecy:  Wait for God’s judgement.   Do six things to avoid being deceived  17-25  Remember, The Apostles warned us scoffers would

The Test of Orthodoxy is Love

Posted by Stephen on  July 25, 2021
Category: Weekly Message

Philemon’s Dilemma

Posted by Stephen on  July 18, 2021
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Category: Weekly Message
 Philemon Greeting:  Paul intends this as a teachable moment Prayer:  May Philemon’s faith and love be multiplied.  Plea:  Paul would not command Philemon to be gracious.  God has made the useless person useful.  Onesimus does not cease being a slave when he becomes a brother. Paul committed to paying the debt Onesimus owed.  Farewell Blessing:  Gradually, things will change.  Unexpected acts of grace can plant seeds of transformational change in churches, in business places, in

Safe To Shore

Posted by Stephen on  July 11, 2021
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Category: Weekly Message
Acts 26-27 God is providentially rescuing lost people like you and me. I. People get shipwrecked when we make bad decisions. A. The captain arrogantly tried to beat the storm. B. Just trusting God avoids a lot of pain in life. II. The gospel message is relevant to every human crisis. A. Paul’s encouragement was good nautical advice. B. Better Christians make better farmers, truck drivers, school teachers, nurses… III. The most tragic shipwreck is

Three Powerful Men

Posted by Stephen on  July 4, 2021
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Category: Weekly Message
So why did the Apostle Paul intentionally power down? Why did he put himself into a position of complete powerlessness? How much power do we need? That’s our question for today. Felix, Festus, Agrippa: Three powerful men.(What does Paul gain in each case by assuming a position of powerlessness?) I. The Power of Money –Felix 24:22-27 A. Paul spoke of faith in Christ Jesus B. The coming judgement frightened Felix. C. He hoped for a

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