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Fools for Christ, part 2

Posted by Stephen on  October 17, 2021
Category: Weekly Message
1 Corinthians 4   I. Servants & Stewards (7-11)   The world says stand up for yourself and give it right back but the wisdom of the cross says we are all stewards and servants.   Stewards of the Mysteries of God.   Stewards are accountable to God, not each other.  II. Kings & Paupers (12-13) The world says enjoy life to the fullest but the wisdom of the cross says “wait”.   Someday we will indeed reign with Christ

Fools for Christ, part 1

Posted by Stephen on  October 10, 2021
Category: Weekly Message
1 Corinthians 3  Babies and Solid Food. (1-4) Are we willing to be fools for Christ?  (18-23) In the world winning argument is powerful… …but in the church strife is childish.   Planters and Waterers.  (5-9) In the world leaders compete with each other…  …but in the church they work together.   Architects and Builders  (10-16) In the world everyone works to achieve their own goals… …but in the church we build God’s kingdom together. Questions for

Our Refuge

Posted by Stephen on  October 3, 2021
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Category: Weekly Message
Questions for small group discussion:   Is it possible to be in two places at the same time?   Where do you feel safe?  Do you have a place of refuge?   With what question does Psalm 91 wrestle and what answer does it offer?   What were some of the Biblical examples of places of refuge Tom referenced in his sermon?  Did any of these surprise you?   According to Psalm 91, how does God protect those who trust

The Wisdom of the Cross & the Mind of Christ

Posted by Stephen on  September 26, 2021
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Category: Weekly Message
“The Wisdom of the Cross and the Mind of Christ”  1 Corinthians 2:1-16 “Believing” doesn’t imply that Christ-followers just trust the Bible and stop thinking.  In fact, one has to ignore a lot of evidence for the spiritual world to not believe.     Greek Philosophy:  “Man is the measure of all things”.  Arrives at truth by human reasoning and argument.   Relies on lofty speech.  Trusts in “science”.  Uses circular reasoning.   Biblical Wisdom:  The cross is the

Think like a Christian

Posted by Stephen on  September 19, 2021
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Category: Weekly Message

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