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The Mission of the Whole Church

Posted by Stephen on  April 18, 2021
Category: Weekly Message
Any successful evangelistic mission will follow this pattern.I. Paul had a strategy: Go to the synagogue first. Our strategy in a post-Christian culture: II. Paul had a message: The prophetic promises have been fulfilled in Christ. Our Message to a post-Christian culture:• This __ is broken. • God is perfectly merciful and _. • _ came to heal our brokenness. III. God blessed the result. A. The mission always begins with ____. B. There are

Government over-reach meets believing prayer

Posted by Stephen on  April 11, 2021
Category: Weekly Message
Acts 12 They prayed but nobody expected anything to happen. I. Believers know where to go. II. Believers get a good night’s sleep. III. Believers disappear into the night. God is faithful even when we are not.

Easter Victory

Posted by Stephen on  April 4, 2021
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Category: Weekly Message
John 20:1-18 There are at least 5 Mary’s in the Bible: I. Why did Mary come back to the _? II. Jesus had exorcised __ demons from Mary. (Luke 8:2) III. Christ’s _ presence would become spiritual/unseen. We will also be free when we live out our new identity in Jesus.


Posted by Stephen on  March 28, 2021
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Category: Weekly Message

Don’t Quit Now!

Posted by Stephen on  March 21, 2021
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Category: Weekly Message
Hebrews 11All of the people in this chapter did something because they believed God was with them and would help them. Some of them experienced great victories and some of them did not. But all of them pleased God by their faith.I. Faith is the conviction of things not seen. (11:1-3) A. Believers look to the future B. Believers live in the present C. Believers gain divine approval. D. Believers recognize God’s power II. They

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