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I pledge allegiance…

Posted by Stephen on  July 5, 2020

Category: Weekly Message
John 9We only know what is true by faith. Doubt and cynicism will make us blind.I. By faith we gain wisdom through sickness and pain.(9:1-7)The Healing: Jesus corrects the disciples & heals the blind man.A. The disciples were wrong to assume people get what they deserve. B. The blind man gained a lot of wisdom by suffering. II. By faith we rightly understand the circumstances of our lives. (9:29-33)The Debate: The once blind man schools

Jesus Heals a Paralytic at Bethesda

Posted by Stephen on  June 27, 2020

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Category: Weekly Message
John 5:1-18 In this true story from the life of our Lord, we see the love and the wrath of God perfectly balanced. Mercy: “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.”Justice: “See, you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.” I. In a broken world, paralysis seems normal. A. The paralytic did not answer “yes” because he given up hope long ago. B. The pool displayed a false view

Faith Makes Us Well

Posted by Stephen on  June 19, 2020

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Category: Weekly Message
Mark 5:21-43I. Out of desperation we believe. Jairus and the unnamed woman were desperate. A. Every other healer had failed the nameless woman so she came desperately to Jesus. B. Jairus fell at the feet of Jesus and pleaded because he was desperate for his only child. C. We too are driven desperately to God in prayer when we have a problem. II. Without faith, we cannot be healed. Sickness tested Jairus and the woman’s

Blessings & Thankfulness

Posted by Josh Vercruyssen on  June 14, 2020

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Category: Weekly Message
Luke 17:11-19 Gratitude is an essential Christian attitude, that must become part of who we are in all things that we do and portray. Most people pray when they need something (Luke 17:11-13). Sometimes non-religious people get it quicker than people who go to church every week.  Luke emphasizes that the thankful leper was a foreigner.  We should be thankful when God blesses us (Luke 17:14-16).Because of their faith the lepers were healed.How often do

Racial Reconciliation, Jesus Style

Posted by Stephen on  June 6, 2020

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Category: Weekly Message
“Jesus offers living water”           John 4 The hold:  “Will you give me a drink”  Knowing God personally is as essential to spiritual life as water is to physical life.  Living relationship with God is available to everyone without prejudice.  The take down:  “Go call your husband and come back” Jesus answers our moral objections:  God loves people who have messed up.  Jesus answers our intellectual objections:  We can know the truth in our hearts. The

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