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Jesus is the Good Shepherd

Posted by Stephen on  August 9, 2020
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Category: Weekly Message
John 10 Christianity is a daily “following Jesus” relationship. How do we do that?We are not Christian because we have been confirmed, baptized, or take communion because Jesus calls disciples/followers. In this metaphor, Jesus compares them to sheep. Sheep are not raised today like they were for millennia in the ANE where shepherds cared for sheep in open pastures.I. Following Jesus is hearing and responding to his voice. A. Thieves and robbers don’t hear Jesus.

Generosity: The cure for greed

Posted by Stephen on  August 2, 2020
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Category: Weekly Message
Generosity: The Cure for Greed Luke 12:15-34 To become free from the love of money we have to become generous. How to have enough: I. Invest in long -term relationships. (Luke 12:15-21) Jesus says to all of us: “Watch out, be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” 15 A. We don’t get the right answers if we ask the wrong questions:

Jesus teaches us to pray

Posted by Stephen on  July 26, 2020
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Category: Weekly Message
Luke 11:1-13; 18:1-8 We may find comfort and peace in conversation with God.I. Approach God as a good and holy Father. A. God’s kingdom: B. Our physical needs. C. Forgiveness for sins. D. Protection from evil. II. Partner with God in his work. A. Prayer is an active process. B. If we don’t pray, we don’t recognize what God is doing. III. Don’t ever give up the fight. A. Persistence is required because we are

The Cost of Discipleship

Posted by Stephen on  July 19, 2020
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Category: Weekly Message
Luke 9:57-62; 14:25-35 3 Reasons Jesus gives us to NOT follow him. I. We must let go of our creature comforts. (Luke 9:57-62) A. Pleasure is merely an illusion anyway. B. Proclaiming God’s kingdom gives us lasting purpose. II. We must hate our family. (Luke 14:25-27) A. Too many “Christians” let their FMWChBS keep them from following Jesus. B. We don’t help our families by not following Jesus. III. We must carry our own cross.

The Sermon on the Mount

Posted by Stephen on  July 12, 2020
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Category: Weekly Message
Sermon Video Upload Live Stream Matthew 5-7 We can make a difference in the world when we run everything we do through the filter of Love. 1) Matthew 5:13-16 would be best summarized with the words “In love; reflect righteousness in a messy world.” a) Salt in the ancient world… b) Jesus is the light his followers reflect. c) We don’t avoid sinners. 2) Matthew 6:1-4 would be best summarized with the words “In love;