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Jesus Makes People Free

Posted by Stephen on  May 22, 2020

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Category: Weekly Message
Luke 4:13-30 I. Jesus said He came to set people free. A. In the synagogue in Nazareth, Jesus declared what kind of Messiah He would be. B. A lost sheep is not free. II. Some people don’t want to be free. A. One kind of bondage is to live in fear. B. Freedom does not depend on our circumstance in life. III. Jesus won’t be bound. He walked through the crowd and no one could

Jesus is able and willing to help everyone

Posted by Josh Vercruyssen on  May 17, 2020

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Category: Weekly Message
Mark 1:21-41 Jesus has the power to change our lives.  (21-28) We might think, God can’t do anything about our relationships our bills, our physical problems, our co-workers, or our family…but God can make all those things better if we turn to Him in prayer and trust Him. In v 21-41 He shows us that He is the Messiah. If Jesus can cast out a demon, He can help us remove evil things from our

Jesus calls his disciples

Posted by Stephen on  May 10, 2020

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Category: Weekly Message
“Jesus Calls Disciples” Luke 5 Luke puts these four stories from the life of Jesus together. What do they have in common?• After preaching from Simon Peter’s boat, Jesus causes a miraculous catch of fish and then calls Peter to follow him. • After healing a leper, Jesus tells him to show himself to the high priest but to not tell anybody and then Jesus goes off by himself to pray as was his custom.

Jesus is Tempted by Satan

Posted by Stephen on  April 26, 2020

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Category: Weekly Message
Jesus is Tempted by the Devil Luke 4:1-13Our Lord’s example of persevering and overcoming is a pattern for every trial we face, incl. Covid 19 I. Temptation focusses on our physical appetites but God’s word says we were made for more. (Luke 4:1-4) Going to Walmart has never been so dangerous. “If you are the Son of God, tell this stone to become bread.” — Satan “Man shall not live by bread alone but by

Repentance / Righteousness

Posted by Josh Vercruyssen on  April 20, 2020

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Category: Weekly Message
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