A prideful king gains some wisdom

Daniel 4

Unit 16 Session 2

Be careful what you think will bring you peace and happiness. 

  1. Be spirit filled!
    • Are you walking in the spirit? Do people sense  something different about you?
    • Name three things from Gal 5 “of the flesh”
  2. Have compassion on unbelievers.  
    • What did Jesus command us to do in Luke 6?
      • Love your enemies
      • Pray for those who abuse who
      • Expect nothing in return
      • Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful
  3. Don’t give up on the hard cases.  
    • God is merciful to the unlikeliest of people.
    • Bill Hybels, “Everyone wins when a leader gets better” 

We are all leaders in some way, lead like Nebuchadnezzar at the end of this story. “Praise and extol and honor the King of Heaven.