Above all, Be Strong & Courageous!

Joshua 1-4

  • Human leaders come and go, but God remains faithful (Jsh. 1:1-9)
    • God chooses His leaders.
    • Moses & Joshua are servants of the Lord.
    • Leadership is a delegation of authority from God.
  • Those who lead and those who follow will need courageous obedience. (Jsh. 3:1-8, 14-17.)
    • We’re crossing the Jordan, ….Finally!
    • Crossing the Jordan is Joshua’s commissioning test.
  • God repeated the Red Sea Miracle on the River Jordan to show the new generation that He was still with them. (Jsh. 4:20-24)
    • The waters represent the swirling,  churning chaos going on around us.
    • Gilgal means – “Circle”
    • The 12 stones represent God’s leadership which brought all the tribes together as equals.
    • A Jewish father is taught to offer guidance himself, instead of referring his children to the priests.