An honest conversation with God


If we complain and argue with God, is that considered doubting Him or believing in Him? When was the last time you argued or complained to God? The last time you prayed; how did it go?


Have you ever started a conversation with someone where all you were doing was complaining about everything around you, your individual situation and circumstances?

  1. I’m hurting, I’m confused and I just don’t get it. 
  2. God says, “I’m doing more than you can imagine.” 


When we have an argument or disagreement with someone, can you sense when the other person is starting to compromise, possibly see things your way or come to a middle ground?

  1. The process of trust has begun.
  2. God says, This is what I’m doing and here are the reasons why.


Gaining a life of triumph is when we are honest with our frustrations and we have developed a mature faith in God.

  1. Trust enables revelation, honor, glory and triumph.
  2. No matter how bad it gets; the righteous, the faithful will have rest in His presence. 
  3. God is my strength.