By Grace through Faith

Ephesians 2:1-10
Paul outlines the human problem and its necessary solution.
I. The things that keep us in bondage:

A. The course of this world:

B. The prince of the power of the air:

C. The passions of our flesh:

The human dilemma is so desperate that no political, military, environmental, educational, economic…solution will fix it.
II. But God makes us free.

A. God made us alive with Christ by grace.

B. God seated us in Christ, in the heavenlies.

C. God created us for good works.

Paul first plumbs the depths of pessimism about man, and then rises to the heights of optimism about God. It is this combination of pessimism and optimism, of despair and faith, which constitutes the refreshing realism of the Bible. For what Paul does in this passage is to paint a vivid contrast between what man is by nature and what he can become by grace.” John R. W. Stott, Message of Ephesians p. 69