Contend for the Faith!

The Book of Jude 

  1. Three examples of crept-in invaders.  
  • Unbelievers among the _________ who left Egypt.
  • Some __________ rebelled against God 
  • Sodomites defiled the land of promise.  
  1. Three sins of false teachers.  
  • They ___________ up their own truth.  
  • They surrender to sensual desires.  
  • They don’t submit to _____________.    
  1. Eight complaints about false teachers:   10 – 16  

Enoch’s lost prophecy:  Wait for God’s judgement.  

  1. Do six things to avoid being deceived  17-25 
  • Remember, The Apostles warned us scoffers would come. 
  • Build yourselves up in the faith 
  • Pray in the Holy Spirit 
  • Keep yourself in God’s love
  • Wait for Christ’s return.  
  • Rescue those who are being deceived