Encouraging Truth

Revelation 20

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The Book of Revelation answers the question _______ _______?

I. Encouraging Truth # 1: Christ is reigning over his creation today.

A. Two views of the Millennium by born-again, Bible-reading Christians.

1. Pre-millennialism: The Millennium is a _________ event

2. Amillennialism: The Millennium is a ___________ reign

B. Kingdom strategy is to call the world to __________ and to prepare his Bride.

II. Encouraging Truth # 2: Evil will be finally and ___________ destroyed.

A. The Battle of Armageddon won’t last _______ minutes.

B. Hell is eternal spiritual torment and __________ from God.

III. Encouraging Truth # 3: God’s judgement will be ________.

A. Everyone will be judged by what they have done.

B. No one will be rescued except by the grace of God.

Is your name in the book?