Faith and Doubt

John 20:19-29
Jesus comes to allay our fears, to dispel our doubts, and to send us out into the world.
There are many things we can divide over but only one thing we can come together on.

I. Stop living in fear. “Peace be with you!”

A. What were they talking about?

B. Only Mary, Peter, and the Emmaus two had seen Jesus.

II. Get busy with the mission. “As the Father sent me, so send I you.”

A. Jesus breathed on them and gave them authority to preach the gospel.

B. The mission belongs to the whole church.

III. Stop Doubting. “Be not unbelieving, but believing”

A. Skepticism and independent thinking are not godly. Psalm 1, Proverbs 3, Mt 5:5

B. There is a greater blessing for those who see without believing.

How we preach the gospel without words:
• Cultivate appreciation for God 1:1-12

• Don’t do what everyone else is doing. 1:13-25

• Reject individualism. 2:1-10

• Submit to authority 2:13 – 3:7

• Be willing to suffer. 3:8 – 5:14