Faith Makes Us Well

Mark 5:21-43
I. Out of desperation we believe. Jairus and the unnamed woman were desperate.

A. Every other healer had failed the nameless woman so she came desperately to Jesus.

B. Jairus fell at the feet of Jesus and pleaded because he was desperate for his only child.

C. We too are driven desperately to God in prayer when we have a problem.

II. Without faith, we cannot be healed. Sickness tested Jairus and the woman’s faith.

A. Jesus delayed coming to Jairus’ home to increase his faith.

B. “Suffering” can be a window to our souls.

III. We are well when we believe whether we’re sick or not. J & W faith became more precious than their healing.

A. Jesus exposed the woman’s healing to celebrate her faith.

B. Jesus concealed the girl’s healing to build Jairus’ faith.

Our Lord’s words, “Don’t be afraid; just believe” are enough for us in every situation. (5:36)