Fools for Christ, part 2

1 Corinthians 4  

I. Servants & Stewards (7-11)  

The world says stand up for yourself and give it right back but the wisdom of the cross says we are all stewards and servants.  

  1. Stewards of the Mysteries of God.  
  1. Stewards are accountable to God, not each other. 

II. Kings & Paupers (12-13)

The world says enjoy life to the fullest but the wisdom of the cross says “wait”.  

  1. Someday we will indeed reign with Christ but the time is not now.  
  1.  But now we rejoice in persecution.  

III. Fathers & Children

The world says “be your best you” but the wisdom of the cross says “imitate me”.  

  1. We all learn faith from those who went before us.  
  1. Love was lacking in Corinth

Questions for small group discussion:  

  1. Are you a “steward of mysteries of God”?  
  1. Why does Paul choose to not judge himself?  
  1. How would you describe Paul’s tone in 8 through 13?   How does it change in verse 14?     
  1. Which of the persecutions in verses 11 through 13 do you think would be the hardest to take?  Which can you identify with?  
  1. Who have been your spiritual father(s) and mother(s)?  
  1. Should we be able to say to others, “imitate me”?