God’s Good World

Genesis 1:1-13

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The universe came into existence at the command of a wise, powerful and good Creator at a specific time identified as “the beginning”.

Every civilization has a creation story, a theory of origins, a story about how the universe began that reflects the values of their culture.

Evolution is the modern secular humanism creation story.

Instead of asking whether the Bible is scientific Christians might ask whether Evolution is Biblical.

Secular Evolution and Biblical Creation have irreconcilable differences:

• Man is a special creation in God’s image, distinct from animals.
• The original creation was good.
• “Kinds” were created distinct from one another.
• The universe was created out of nothing.

If the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did not create the universe then the rest of the Bible is without theological foundation. The other Biblical writers understood this.

Psalm 19: Creation reveals God’s glory.

John 1: The Gospel story begins with creation.

Colossians 1: Jesus is preeminent over creation and the church.

Hebrews 11: By faith we understand.