I pledge allegiance…

John 9
We only know what is true by faith. Doubt and cynicism will make us blind.
I. By faith we gain wisdom through sickness and pain.(9:1-7)
The Healing: Jesus corrects the disciples & heals the blind man.
A. The disciples were wrong to assume people get what they deserve.

B. The blind man gained a lot of wisdom by suffering.

II. By faith we rightly understand the circumstances of our lives. (9:29-33)
The Debate: The once blind man schools the pharisees on faith and religion.
A. The once blind man knew one thing that was true.

B. The skepticism of the pharisees kept them from seeing the obvious.

III. Most importantly, by faith we know Jesus. (9:35-41)
The Declaration: Jesus came to give sight to some and blindness to others.

A. The once blind man became wise when he worshipped Christ.

B. Pharisees became foolish when they rejected Christ.

Praying Christians have more power than presidents.