Jesus is able and willing to help everyone

Mark 1:21-41

Jesus has the power to change our lives.  (21-28)

We might think, God can’t do anything about our relationships our bills, our physical problems, our co-workers, or our family…but God can make all those things better if we turn to Him in prayer and trust Him. In v 21-41 He shows us that He is the Messiah.

If Jesus can cast out a demon, He can help us remove evil things from our lives

We can’t change even ourselves through our own will power? We need God’s help.

Jesus has compassion and is willing to help us.  (29-34) 

God knows each and every one of us by name. The Bible says he knows how many hairs are on our heads and is aware when a sparrow dies. He’s big enough to know each of us individually and every detail about us and He cares.

Jesus healed to show people who He was. He wasn’t boasting, but people needed proof.

Jesus healed because he has compassion for our pain. 

Jesus told the leper, “I am willing”. (1:41)

Jesus is for everyone.  (35-39)

God doesn’t give up on us because of the things we’ve done. Jesus went to other places looking for needy people. He is still looking for us and others like us today. 

The fact that Jesus prayed shows that He experienced a truly human life. If Jesus, the Son of God, needed prayer, then so do we.

Jesus understands our troubles and trials because He has been there.

Jesus could be in only one place but now Jesus is with us always by the Holy Spirit. 

The Christian life is learned through prayer and exemplified through love.