“Jesus is the Bread of Life: He is Enough”

John Chapter 6

1) God provides all our needs; physically and spiritually (John 6:1-15).
Jesus nourished His soul through prayer, He believed with all His being that His Father provided His needs; We must believe too.

a) Leading His followers is a daunting task for Jesus (V. 1-7).

b) How can God make 5 pancakes and 2 fish enough to feed 5k? (V. 8-11).

c) Give thanks to God, our blessings are not deserved (V. 12-15).

2) When we can’t find God; pray (John 6:16-27).
Be the light on the lampstand. Show the world the answer to their problems could be as easy as a simple conversation with God.

a) Jesus is not with us physically now, just as He was not with the disciples at times in the Gospels (V. 16-18).

b) God shows up in our lives at the most unexpected of times (v. 19-20).

c) Often when we are begging for Him to come into our life or into our struggle; but we aren’t asking the right questions, or we don’t make the right request (V. 21-27).

3) We are fully nourished by knowing God Himself (John 6:28-35).
God is the answer to all the things we’ve been seeking personally and as a church.

a) God told the story of His people and provided us with its teachings so we would believe in His Son (V. 28-29).

b) There are times when we will ask for a sign from God, and we will not believe it. (Hab. 1:5 “Look among the nations and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would believe if told” (V. 30-34).
c) Jesus is the Bread of Life (V. 35).

We don’t necessarily need to do more; we need to do things better for the church, we need to concentrate our efforts with a more focused / unified, hunger / thirst which is quenched only by satisfying Jesus’ plan for our lives and His church.