Jesus teaches about the New Birth

John 3:1-18

Rabbi Nicodemus of the Jewish ruling counsel comes to Jesus at night to ask questions.
How can we be made alive from the inside out?

I. New birth is a work of the Holy Spirit. 3:1-8

A. People are both physical and spiritual.

B. Being spiritually dead, only God can make us alive.

II. New birth comes through faith in the Son of God. 3:9-15

A. All they had to do is look, but some refused to believe.

B. The cross of Christ also demands an individual response.

III. New Birth is a gift from God the Father. 3:16-18

A. God’s only motive is love.

B. If we reject love, we put ourselves where God can’t rescue us.

We may receive eternal life by trusting in what Jesus has done for us expressed in prayer and baptism. Being a religious person doesn’t make us acceptable to God or change our human condition because spiritual life can only be received freely, not worked for or deserved. We can’t earn God’s love.

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