Don’t Quit Now!

Hebrews 11
All of the people in this chapter did something because they believed God was with them and would help them. Some of them experienced great victories and some of them did not. But all of them pleased God by their faith.
I. Faith is the conviction of things not seen. (11:1-3)

A. Believers look to the future

B. Believers live in the present

C. Believers gain divine approval.

D. Believers recognize God’s power

II. They all endured difficulty and did something. (4-40)

A. Noah built an ark to save his family from destruction.

B. Abraham lived in a tent while he waited.

C. Jacob wrestled with God what was already promised.

D. Sampson killed some Philistines and got himself killed in the process. It’s never too late to do one thing right.

III. Never give up our faith. (12:1-3)

A. Reasons to quit:

B. Reason to keep going: The joy of a better resurrection.