My Servant: Exalted by Suffering

Isaiah 53

Isaiah was a pre-exilic writing prophet in Jerusalem.
Invitation to Trust. (1-3)
Israel was brought out of slavery in Egypt.
Jesus lived most of his life in obscurity.
Bewildered Gratitude. (4-6)
Jerusalem, God’s chosen city, fell because of “our”
Christ died for our sins, we don’t know how.

Reversal of Justice. (7-9)
God punished his covenant people by a nation more wicked than themselves.
Jesus was executed as a criminal by the Romans.

Exaltation through Humiliation (10-12)

The Jews partially fulfilled the call of Abraham in exile.
Jesus was vindicated by resurrection and will return in glory.

Christ-followers are called to unjust suffering and undeserved exaltation.