Parables of the Kingdom

Matthew 13

The Kingdom of God is like…

  1. A farmer scattering seed on different soils
  1. Good and bad seed planted in the same field
  1. A mustard seed that grows into a large shrub
  1. Yeast quietly changing a lump of dough
  1. A treasure stumbled upon
  1. A most precious pearl diligently sought after
  1. A drag net

Questions for group or individual reflection:  

  1. What is a parable and why did Jesus use them according to 13:11 – 17?
  1. Why do some people reject the reign of God in Christ according to the parable of the sower?   
  1. Why is it not our job to pull weeds according to 13:37-43?  How does Jesus see the world as a field planted with both good and bad seed?     
  1. Did you stumble across the Kingdom of God in Christ or did you find Jesus after searching?  
  1. What does the image of a dragnet suggest to you about God’s coming judgment?