Paul’s Letter to the church in Rome

Intro: The Gospel is the solution to all human suffering. 1:16

I. Humanity can’t solve its own problems. (1-3)

A. Even good people fail to keep God’s law. 2:21
B. All humanity is guilty before God. 3:23

II. God has always been creating a way for people to become righteous by faith. (4-8)

A. People have always been made righteous by faith. 4:3
B. Jesus did for us what we never could do ourselves. 5:8
C. Trading places with Jesus makes us righteous. 6:6, 14
D. Trying harder always fails. 7:21, 24
E. We may conquer our vices by yielding to God’s Holy Spirit 8:5

III. The gospel requires an individual response. (9-11)

A. God chose the Jews but they rebelled often & finally 9:32
B. Now all persons have the opportunity to approach God individually and personally. 10:9-10
C. God still loves Jewish people. 11:25-26

IV. Following Jesus means practicing righteousness. (12-16)

A. We choose to conform or be transformed. 12:2
B. Good Christians are good citizens. 13:1, 8
C. Work hard at preserving the unity of the church. 14:19
Conclusion: Paul’s ministry plans & personal greetings 15b – 16