Priorities, Priorities, Priorities


Intentional structuring of our lives and prioritization of our efforts brings order into an otherwise life of chaos.

1)  God confronts us about misplaced priorities.

     A.    Have you ever felt like there just isn’t ____________ 

            time in the ______?  

    B.    What are your priorities in life?

2)  God encourages us with His presence.

A. When we prioritize our ________ with Him first,   

 everything else __________ into place.

B. Which rocks and stones in your jar do you need to be 

 intentional with?

3)  God promises us greater glory is to come. 

A. I will shake the ____________.

     B.   God uses this time to speak, to His people through the Prophet Haggai to encourage them as they rebuilt the temple; just as He uses our intentional time of reflection to encourage us.