Racial Reconciliation, Jesus Style

“Jesus offers living water”           John 4

  1. The hold:  “Will you give me a drink” 
  1. Knowing God personally is as essential to spiritual life as water is to physical life. 
  • Living relationship with God is available to everyone without prejudice. 
  1. The take down:  “Go call your husband and come back”
  1. Jesus answers our moral objections:  God loves people who have messed up. 
  • Jesus answers our intellectual objections:  We can know the truth in our hearts.
  1. The pin:  “I who speak to you am he.” 
  1. It is possible for us to know God personally: 
  • Jesus makes himself just as real to you and I by faith through the Holy Spirit. 

Are you thirsty? Know anyone who is?