Relationships in the Kingdom

Matthew 18

How we see one another determines how we will treat one another.  Matthew assembles 4 helpful metaphors from the teaching of Christ.    

  1. Little Children:  humble ourselves. (1-9)
  1. Wandering Sheep: even when we get injured.  (10-14)
  1. Brothers:  respect & discernment.  (15-20) 
  1. Fellow Debtors:  practice grace we received. (21-35)

“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive 

those who trespass against us.”

Questions for group or individual reflection:  

  1. What qualities about children do you think Jesus wants us to imitate?  
  1. Are wandering sheep responsible for getting themselves lost?     
  1. What is the goal of the reconciliation process Christ outlines for us?   Does it always work?  
  1. What kind of expectations should fellow debtors have of one another?  (hint: see vs. 31)