Runaway Prophet

Book of Jonah

If we are to realize our mission to make disciples we must have compassion on people who don’t yet know God and believe that they can be saved through the Gospel of Christ Jesus.  

  1. God pursues rebellious people and prophets.
  2. The Ninevites were rebellious.
  1. Jonah was also rebellious.  . 
  1. God extends mercy to rebellious people and prophets.  
  2. Nineveh repented and got another 100 years.  


  1. Jonah repented and got a second chance.  
  1. God reveals his patient affection for a rebellious people and prophet.  
  2. God patiently spares the city of Nineveh.  
  1. God patiently reasons with Jonah.  

Will we care about lost people?