Subversive Parables of God’s Kingdom

Matthew 13

How God subversively rules his kingdom today:     

  1. The Sower:  By the preaching of the word of God. 
  1. The preaching of the Gospel is the only means by which God is at work in the world. 
  • Fruitfulness always accompanies spiritual vitality. 
  1. The mustard plant and the lump of dough:  By gradually transforming culture. 
  1. In just thirty years, the Apostles carried the gospel to every major city and many small towns throughout the Roman Empire. 
  • The presence of believers in culture has a leavening effect on society. 
  1. The wheat and the tares:  By patiently waiting for the end of the age.    
  1. The field of God’s kingdom is the entire world. 
  • The reapers can’t tell the difference until harvest when they see the fruit. 
  1. The hidden treasure, the costly pearl, and the dragnet:  By calling people to repent.   
  1. Some folks seem to stumble across buried treasure.  (Saul of Tarsus)
  • Some folks seem to search diligently till they find it like a pearl.  (Ethiopian Treasurer)
  • Our attitude to the gospel has eternal consequence like a dragnet. 

Jesus wants his followers to know what he is doing in the world today.