“Talking about Jesus”

Acts 11:19-30
The gentile mission that was commanded in Acts 10 happened in Acts 11. The church broke out of the cultural straight jacket of Judaism and changed the world. If we want to be a church that baptizes new believers then we have to think differently.
I. Believe the story of Jesus is good news for everyone.

A. Regular folks started talking to friends about Jesus.

B. The story of Jesus answers human need.

II. Believe that God is saving people we don’t expect.

A. The Mother church sent gifted leaders to disciple new believers.

B. Be ready for the harvest. (1 Peter 3:15)

III. Believe the church needs new believers more than they need us.

A. The mother church received back more than they gave.

B. Antioch became a missionary sending church and the new center for Christianity.

Conclusion: The church got busy when the church got scattered