The Lord provides for the faithful

I Kings 17

1)  Elijah learns that God provides (v.1-6)

i)  The drought provided a learning opportunity for     Elijah.

(1) He does this to get our attention.

ii) The brook is God’s way of teaching us; our stuff dries up.

2)  Elijah teaches someone else that God provides (v. 10-16)

i)  Elijah teaches the widow she has a choice

(1) God makes the widows’ situation so hard she has nothing left but faith

ii) Why did Elijah insist the widow prepare a meal for him first?

(1)  To show her a choice between faith and unbelief

3)  Elijah demonstrates God’s provision has no limits (v. 17-24)

i)  Life puts us in situations where we are forced to choose between faith or unbelief. 

ii) What if Elijah went home without trying?

(1) The only thing that limits God’s power is our unbelief. 

It’s not really that we ca do all things, but rather He can.