The Problem of Gloating

The Prophecy of Obadiah

Gloating over our adversaries makes us just like them.
“The Pride of your heart has deceived you.”

I. Gloating feeds our pride.

A. Edomites gloat because they think themselves secure.

B. The Jwews might have gloated back after reading Obadiah.

“You were like one of them.”

II. Gloating destroys family.

A. Jacob and Esau were brothers; they were family.

B. Our sin wounds people we love.

“The Day of the Lord is near for all nations”.

III. God will judge gloaters.

God will make all things right. (when the day of the Lord comes)
A. God will punish wicked people who reject his love.

B. God will fully redeem all believers. (1 Corinthians 3:11-15)