The Wisdom of the Cross & the Mind of Christ

“The Wisdom of the Cross and the Mind of Christ” 

1 Corinthians 2:1-16

“Believing” doesn’t imply that Christ-followers just trust the Bible and stop thinking.  In fact, one has to ignore a lot of evidence for the spiritual world to not believe.    

  1. Greek Philosophy:  “Man is the measure of all things”. 
  1. Arrives at truth by human reasoning and argument.  
  1. Relies on lofty speech. 
  1. Trusts in “science”. 
  1. Uses circular reasoning.  
  1. Biblical Wisdom:  The cross is the measure of all things.  
  1. The mature speak God’s secret wisdom (6-9)
  1. The Holy Spirit reveals truth to us (10-12) 
  1. Spiritual people discern all things (13-15) 
  1. The mind of Christ belongs to the whole church.  (16) 

The cross is the greatest proof of a just and loving Almighty God that men will ever see.  

Questions for small group discussion:  

  1. What’s your favorite silly TV commercial? 
  1. Do you ever question what you read in the Bible or simply accept scripture as true?  
  1. Why do you think Paul decided to focus on “Jesus Christ and him crucified” when he planted the church in Corinth?  
  1. What do you consider to be a wise person?  Does this chapter in scripture change or alter your opinion?   
  1. If a “natural person” cannot accept spiritual ideas, how does that change how we talk to people who don’t know God?   
  1. What will you do this week to have the mind of Christ?